When you invest in skin care products, you should expect to see a difference, right? Dr Travis Badenhorst of Snowberry skin care certainly thinks so. Snowberry carried out nearly five years of research that resulted in the revolutionary New Radiance Face Serum with cu-PEP.

“We did that because in our view, consumers should be able to see improved skin radiance or reduced inflammation for example,” said Dr Badenhorst. “We also did that research because we knew that it is extremely difficult to formulate a serum that will result in a scientifically measurable reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.”

Then Snowberry took the unprecedented step of having the New Radiance Face Serum clinically tested by one of Germany’s leading Dermatological Research Institute’s.

“The gold standard trial is actually the only standard that counts. It’s the standard in science in any field,” said Dr Badenhorst. “The results speak for themselves. We don’t ask consumers to take our word for what the serum will do, we just point to the clinical trial.”

Dr Badenhorst said that Snowberry’s world-first breakthrough resulted in the extraordinary honour of the New Radiance Face Serum being the only anti-ageing serum in the world, invited to be presented to the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology.

But what if lines and wrinkles aren’t yet a concern? According to Dr Badenhorst, Snowberry’s Gentle Cleanse & Tone and its Instant Deep Cleanser (for make-up removal), are really the only skin care products a younger woman needs. “From age 16 through 24, most women don’t have much to worry about in terms of reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The critical piece of advice I would give is to invest in cleansers that won’t damage the lipid barrier in the skin. Too often, consumers buy down when it comes to cleansing but spend much more on creams and serums. Unfortunately, those cleansers may not cost much but that’s for good reason – they often contain cheap industrial ingredients that create great foam, but it’s that foam that’s doing the damage.”

Many consumers have saved their skin simply by getting rid of the aggressive foaming cleansers they’ve used for years according to Dr Badenhorst. The skin rapidly recovers a much healthier glow, and persistent conditions like breakouts and rashes disappear. “It’s quite simple, if you use Snowberry alone and you don’t see a difference, Snowberry will give you your money back.”