Thousands of customers of Sephora NZ and AU are out of pocket after ordering off the e-commerce website. To start, products simply aren’t being delivered. In some cases, customers have been waiting well over a month for their order. Now customer service emails and phones have been disconnected due to the overwhelming number of complaints.

Hui Qiu is one of many unhappy customers, after ordering she received no updates or emails. “There is no reply at all. I want to know what happened to my order and I want my money back to reduce my loss. I am so disappointed with this purchase. If there is a solution as soon as possible, it would be good,” Qiu said. Another customer, Joanna Diprose said, “I've been waiting since the Black Friday sale. My friend warned me she didn't get her order for ages. Wish I listened to her, but they had such a good deal".

Even the Australian Sephora staff in-store are being abused and harassed with calls and emails. "The phone has not stopped since I arrived at work, and I have had the worst couple of days being yelled at by hundreds of customers, it isn't the greatest place to work right now," said one staff member. She went on to say that the customer service team have received over 8000 complaints in just over two days and that number continues to rise.

The customer service team for the e-commerce division are currently using their personal cellphones to make calls to customers as they can't switch the phones on due to the overwhelming number of complaints. The New Zealand customer service team said they are trying to go case by case, but this seems to be the worst way to go about it as they have more and more customers leaving comments on social media pages and getting ten times more upset. Meanwhile, Sephora NZ has continued to post on their social media channels about products and regram other users. The website is still live and customers are still able to make purchases.

A customer service representative told NZ Apparel that it was due to the warehouse having errors and had had trouble keeping up. Another said that it was trouble with the courier, another has said to a couple of customers that their address was inputted incorrectly and couldn’t be delivered (these customers actually did enter their address correctly the first time). While another customer service rep said that they were having trouble with the website.

The global warehouse and distributor for Sephora NZ and AU, Quantium Solutions said they couldn’t comment on clients, but said its business has no issues.

Sephora has been contacted for a comment, and customer service manager Hema has assured NZ Apparel that it wasn’t because they were unable to pay the distributor, however, was unable to comment further about the issue.

If you are having problems with Sephora or have any additional information, please contact