Whole Country Remains at Level 4

Jacinda Ardern has announced that New Zealand will stay in Level 4 lockdown until at least Wednesday.

She said it was too soon to know how large the COVID-19 delta outbreak had spread around the country and there were thousands of contacts already linked to the case. The Government was pleased that it seemed to have worked out when the cluster started and was starting to get an idea of the borders of the outbreak.

The Government had originally imposed Level 4 for just three days outside of Auckland and the Coromandel, meaning it was set to expire at 11.59pm on Friday. It will now last until at least 11.59pm on Tuesday night.

The Ministry of Health announced there were 11 new cases in the community with three of them having travelled to Wellington from Auckland. Health Director General Dr Ashley Bloomfield said people who had visited places of interest in Auckland had “dispersed right throughout the country”.

Bloomfield said there would soon be locations of interest added for Wellington and for petrol stations visited by the group as they drove to the capital.