We checked in with Jane McAllister at Dimples to see how the team is doing during lockdown. Dimples is an incredibly popular childrenswear brand and retailer, all made locally in New Zealand. Dimples is also a family business based in Auckland where they are best known for their high quality pieces with chic modern designs, extensive knowledge of functional apparel, accessories and any other baby needs. From cribs to bibs, they are industry experts.

Show us your favourite garment in your latest collection. Why is it your favourite? 

"My favourite garment is our classic baby grow [pictured above]. This design features in most of our new collections. It is a universal garment, that can be used day and night and is so easy to use. This is my most 'must have' item for every new baby.  When combined with Merino Wool, this outfit keeps baby snug and warm."

What was your latest collection inspired by? Do you use any special technique or fabrics? 

"My latest collection was inspired by colours. In our winter Collections we stick with our favourite fabric which is beautiful New Zealand made Merino wool. This is my personal favourite fabric as it has many health benefits for babies and children. Our latest collection is Little Lamb and is specifically designed for size Premature up to 3 years old. We were inspired by a soft pastel colour pallet."

Why is it important for Kiwis to #SupportLocal?

"I believe it is important that New Zealanders support New Zealand businesses due to the resilience and strong values that many New Zealand businesses show. New Zealand businesses, including Dimples, have strong ethos to committing to delivering the best for our customers and ensuring a much higher quality over quantity."

What is your brand doing in the lockdown? 

"We have been recognised as a business that sells essential items for Mums and Babies, these can be accessed online. We have all of our staff working from home, apart from Aimee who has been working extremely hard to dispatch all of the orders that have come through online. At the moment we only have her at Head Office. We are able to sell essential items which, luckily for our customers, is most of the products that we sell. This is so important at this time as it ensures that families have the reassurance that they can purchase all of their essential items and enables either pregnant mums to continuing nesting and preparing for the arrival of their baby, and Mums with babies to continue purchasing their essential items such as nappies, formula, warm clothing for winter without the stress of having to go to the supermarkets for these products that are in high demand.

My daughters, Rebecca and Charlotte, are also offering email or phone consultations with customers who require more in-depth information on our product range. Both are certified carseat technicians and can offer this expertise to customers.

We have an online chat on our website for any other questions that customers may have. These are answered in real time to enable a personal connection to remain between our staff and customers."

Who is another NZ designer you want to do a shout out to? 

"Karen Walker,  I have also admired her. I think she has been an extremely clever, successful and innovative designer. She has stuck with her passion and her values within her business."