Wool industry under fire from PETA after a shocking expose

The Wool Industry is under heavy fire from animal rights activist group PETA after the organization released two shocking new videos which exposed cruel practices within the industry.

The group's videos revealed the shocking treatment of sheep, including cutting and burning of their tails with hot knives and no painkillers, and farmers carving swaths of flesh from the lamb’s hindquarters as they struggled. The videos featured disgusting accounts from workers about their mistreatment, one farmer bragging that he once “hit one [sheep] so hard I knocked it out. F*cked it under the jaw a bit too hard.”

The videos were recorded on sheep farms in Victoria and New South Wales, and the animal welfare organization has reached out to Australian law-enforcement officials to investigate the violations further and file any appropriate charges.

PETA is now calling for a boycott of the wool industry to show support for the abused animals and to communicate to those carrying out the cruel practices that the behaviour will not be tolerated. “PETA is appealing to all members of the public who care about animals to show that they oppose such ghastly abuse by going wool-free,” said PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk.

These new videos mark the 10th and 11th global expose against the wool industry from PETA and is likely instigate a vital discussion around the treatment of animals within the wool and overall fashion industry.