Year of the Snake

While the Zodiac table may say 2019 is the year of the pig, the fashion industry is marching to a different beat. The snake seems to be the muse of choice for many designers this year, as the sleek and scally animal has inspired a range of collections.

Snakeskin is a luxurious print which has continued to reflect elegance and sophistication throughout its many peeks in fashion history, as designers continue to find new ways to reimagine and rejuvenate the print. Snakeskin, or snakeskin replicas, have become increasingly popular with fashion houses such as World Corp and Saint Laurent using the print in their Summer Spring 2019 shows. Additionally, Witchery’s latest Touch of Exotic collection captures the refined yet grand essence of this year’s most inspirational animal.

2019 has seen snake inspirations beyond the decadent print, as deep colour schemes equally capture the reptile’s sleek appearance. Emerald greens, shimmery textures and gold embellishments partner together to create an irreverent set of looks, without delving into the overly dramatic. Brands who take care and closely monitor the line between stylish and costume like will walk away with a head-turning collection, however the line can be awfully thin at times.

While the call for banning animal fur and skin has been heard throughout the fashion industry, these animals continue to inspire fashion houses - speaking to their fundamental place in the industry. Snakeskin is an iconic print, and its latest resurgence speaks to its ability to adapt to changing social times.