As fashion's sustainable movement grows, companies are developing unique and exciting ideas to produce eco-friendly clothing.

Danish clothing brand Son of a Tailor has taken sustainability to a whole new level with their 3D textile printing initiative used to eliminate fabric waste. Creating men's t-shirts from the highest quality materials, the companies primary focus is zero-waste.

Last month, the brand rapidly became the most popular fashion campaign on Kickstarter after introducing its Zero Waste Pullover, a custom-fitted sweater made from extra-fine merino wool. Within the first 40 minutes of going on sale, the pullover reached a staggering $15,000. Currently, the campaign sits at NZD 207,000.

Founded in 2014 by Jess Fleischer and Sten Martin Jonsson, Son of a Tailor ensures each clothing item is made to order using the individual measurements of the customer. The clothing is designed using an advanced algorithm which calculates an ideal customer fit based on weight, height, age and shoe measurements, also ensuring a low product return rate.

Additionally, the company incorporates the world's most advanced 3D technology within their production, using a 3D knitting machine that creates items from one piece of fabric. The 3D printing prevents overproduction and textile waste and creates less than one percent of unused material.

CEO and co-founder Jess Fleischer explained sustainability is not a choice and the fashion industry must "finally rethink."

"We need to change the negative impact of our consumption on the environment as quickly as possible, but this can only happen if all manufacturers rethink and run their production lines in a more environmentally friendly way."

Looking forward, Fleischer and Jonsson are striving for sustainable fashion, not only for consumers but for the environment and everyone involved in production.