A Bespoke Fragrance Service by HERDAHL-THORSING

After completing college, Alexander Herdahl-Thorsing decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his dream that he has had since he was 16; to build a brand for himself. Instead of going to University, he decided to invest four years into research and development for his namesake fragrance brand. Now, 26 years young, 2021 marks his ten-year anniversary of his brand journey. Herdahl-Thorsing is born in New Zealand to a Samoan mother and New Zealand European father. He is a homebody where his true passions lie in creativity and self-expression.

Herdahl-Thorsing fell in love with traditional art at a young age, specifically the Renaissance and Romanticism eras.

“I’m not entirely sure where this sudden attraction started with these paintings, but what intrigued me, was that these paintings represented a God, a higher being that was deemed ‘perfect’. And, because of this, these paintings needed to be just as perfect as the God it represented,” explained Herdahl-Thorsing.

Awestruck with the idea of depicting perfection, the brand, HERDAHL-THORSING is a personal journey of finding that ‘perfection’ for all to enjoy.

HERDAHL-THORSING’s newest fragrance collection is called the Aulelei Blend. The Aulelei Blend will be the brand’s largest selection of fragrances yet. Each fragrance pays homage to travellers and adventurers, seafarers and ocean voyagers - those who brought our world together.

‘Aulelei’ is Samoan for ‘beautiful’. The collection consists of six different scents that are developed and made in Wellington as well as in Australia.

During his time, Herdahl-Thorsing has been able to travel overseas to places such as Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and Samoa.

“Everywhere I have been, I’ve only kept experiences that I wish I could express to others to enjoy. This blend, Aulelei, felt needed in our current time of isolation, constraint and restriction. To be able to experience something, a location or even a memory without having to travel, would be so beautiful.”

Being an expert in scent, it does mean Herdahl-Thorsing has a few scents he deems worth the extra attention.

“Recently, I’ve developed a debilitating love for 1980s fragrances. I adore the heavy musks, fruity notes, citrus and ozonic ocean accords,” he explained.

HERDAHL-THORSING has a unique bespoke fragrance service. This service is for clients that truly want the full HERDAHL-THORSING fragrance experience. Following a comprehensive process while bringing together the expertise of multiple consultants in the fragrance industry, the bespoke fragrance service always starts with private consultations between the client and Herdahl-Thorsing himself.

“We will ask a series of questions, craft a story together and help craft and bring your ideas to life.”

The next stage is the sampling stage, where clients will be sent samples of their fragrance - allowing up to eight months of ongoing sampling to perfect the desired scent for each client.

Once the desired scent is achieved, the fragrance will be filled in a Personal Blend bottle where the box and colour and the bottle can be completely customisable.

The process is done in New Zealand and with a close perfumer and consultant who is in Australia. The final fragrance is produced in Australia.

“This service is truly for the individual who wants to have a bespoke fragrance experience, to have a special and private piece of HERDAHL-THORSING custom made, and treasured.”

When developing a signature HERDAHL-THORSING scent, it begins with the desire to transport an experience. Once the inspiration is found, Herdahl-Thorsing will personally mix and formulate himself before pitching in the services of his consultants and perfumers.

“Creating a work of art that I would deem beautiful is challenging and difficult, but it is beyond amazing once completed. It’s truly special when you’re able to craft an experience that others can share and enjoy.”

When speaking on future collaborations, Herdahl-Thorsing would love to work with Jacinda Arden.

“I would absolutely love to have Jacinda Arden as a model! That’s somewhat of a fantasy at this point but would love the opportunity! Maybe, even get her to wear a custom dress on a formal occasion – that’ll be amazing,” Herdahl-Thorsing expressed excitedly.

Being able to collaborate with New Zealand artists and musicians would also fit the bill for Herdahl-Thorsing. An artist that comes to mind for him is Lorde.

For more information email herdahl-thorsing@herdahl-thorsing.com or visit www.herdahl-thorsing.com.