A Celebration of Rich Colours and Tactile Textures | Deadly Ponies SS20

Deadly Ponies present the new collection with full vim and vigour. The collection celebrates rich colours, tactile textures and new forms. From custom-designed, enigmatic python prints and finite brass detailing, to unexpected shapes, the new bi-annual collection take twists and turns across three limited parts - a first for the brand.

“We took inspiration from the iconic medieval Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries for SS20; looking at deep rich burgundy shades, earthy tones, and chainmail adornments as a starting point. From there, we wanted to create something that was a little more electric and vibrant as the seasonal collection progresses,” said Liam Bowden, creative director of Deadly Ponies.

Part I of this collection sees regal Bordeaux and crisp birch hero hues, with a touch of texture explored through the brand's first hi-gloss croc. New shapes and updated additions; Mr Minimese, Mr Mini Panther, Mr Micro Chainmail and Mr Micro Gator Gang are standouts in new arrivals in reimagined sizes.

Part II of this collection turn towards decadent azure hues influenced by the works of Yves Klein, boldly juxtapositioned with complex silhouettes and eclectic textures.

For Part III, the brand worked with custom crushed metallic and lush marigold tones which amplify existing tapestry shades of Part I and II.

Following the new format, Deadly Ponies SS20 will be available online and instore across three product drops, beginning with Part I in September, Part II in October and Part III in November.