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Imagine looking at a computer, on one screen, a well-built naked man, on the other an abstract looking set of patterned symmetrical shapes. These shapes, when clicked, dragged and dropped onto the photo-realistic 3D model are transformed into perfectly fitting track pants. This 3D technology is what chief executive of clothing manufacturer Kapinua, Ingo Schleuss and his team are excited about and the possibilities and flexibility it will bring to designers.

The software allows for fast and nearly infinite design parameters to be finalised on screen in 3D on any body size, and then entered into Kapinua’s digital production line to create those exact designs. Schleuss considers the production line to be perhaps the most advanced of its type in the country, and he’s building a big reputation for making complex, customised, embellished clothing and giving customers near-unlimited choice in design, texture and imagery. The suite of digital dye-sublimation, embroidery, appliqué, vinyl transfer and laser cloth-cutting systems allows for massive design and manufacturing flexibility, including enabling any combination of those techniques to be used on a single item of clothing.

The team at Levin-based Kapinua do much of the design work themselves, producing clothing from the generalised ideas of end-user customers such as sport clubs. But he sees huge potential in having clothing designers learn more about their systems, perhaps even getting to know their 3D design software, and with that knowledge letting their expertise and imaginations run free.

“We’re a designer’s playground,” said Schleuss as he pointed to stacks of textured fabric and reels of high-end cotton thread sitting alongside the flashing computerised blades and needles of Kapinua’s machines. “We’re able to produce detail in clothing that others just can’t match. Let your ideas run wild, don’t limit them, and we can create them for you.” Even if you want to make just a single piece of clothing to test a design, the entire set-up is ideal for that too. To learn more contact Kapinua on 06 367 2277 or email info@kapinua.com.