A Digital Textile Trade Show Proves to be a Success

Organisers of the two-day digital textile trade show, Premiere Vision Paris, took the impact of COVID-19 and its challenges with a grain of salt.

The pandemic has disrupted the entire fashion buying system from supply chain through to retail. However, Premiere Vision Paris decided to launch their first digital-only trade show with digital features that allowed 1,675 exhibitors to be well prepared for the new era of trade shows.

Originally, the physical show was not to be completely cancelled, instead, the digital version of the show was meant to serve those who could not make it due to travel restrictions.

However, the show went ahead to be fully digital, and the Premiere Vision Paris team were already preparing themselves for a digital event - from adding unique features through to digitising all samples and products, from fabrics to leather.

Exhibitors were ones to push for a digital show which meant the industry is eager to embrace the 'new norm' of digital trade shows, now more than ever.

Premiere Vision Paris showcased 1,675 exhibitors and almost 20,000 users. A great success for an area that was waiting to flourish.