A New Plant-based Textile Innovation From a New Zealand Brand

Taking further strides in the sustainable and ethical space, Deadly Ponies present their newest and most innovative collection, Cactus, crafted from plant-based Nopal Textile (a newly developed vegan cactus leather).

Two-years in the making, this material is a by-product of the pharmaceutical industry, using only natural rainfall and the sun, as energy sources.

“Customers have been asking us for a while to create a vegan product. This is something we have wanted to achieve, but have faced a number of challenges finding a sustainable leather
alternative," stated Liam Bowden, Creative Director of Deadly Ponies.

Most vegan leathers are produced using synthetic materials that don’t biodegrade, are produced with toxic chemicals and require higher water consumption in the manufacturing process. Therefore, when Bowden and his team looked into the project they wanted to make sure they were taking those things into consideration.

Sourced from an organic cactus plantation in Mexico, only the mature leaves are harvested to ensure sustainable plant regeneration - with the pulp used for medicinal purposes. The nopal cactus leaves are then sun-dried, before being processed into the innovative, organic cactus leather.

Deadly Ponies worked closely with their supplier to produce a plant-based leather that met their strict design and manufacturing specifications, ensuring the product remained synonymous
with the iconic texture and quality of the brand’s existing leathers.

“This new material had to be totally sustainable, but also achieve a similar look and feel to our more classic leather finishes that our products are known for. It took another year of development
to achieve the perfect composition,” said Bowden.

The new Cactus collection is now available exclusively online and in Deadly Ponies' stores.