A Physical Fashion Show Will Go Ahead

Simon Porte Jacquemus announced that a physical runway show will go ahead next week in France. The show will highlight Jacquemus' womenswear and menswear collections simultaneously.

The show will be at a secret location for a select group of guests. Social distancing rules will be in place.

“A year ago we decided to slow down our cycle by showing women’s wear and men’s wear together. This has allowed us to reduce the number of shows, share fabrics across both collections, and slow the pace for my team and partners,” said Jacquemus.

Jacquemus is known for its gorgeous oversized sunhats and dresses. Thus, Summer shows are incredibly important to the brand. Last year, Jacquemus hosted their joint womenswear and menswear show in a lavender field in the south of France. Joint womenswear and menswear shows has been a pivoting decision for the brand to become more sustainable and to slow down the cycle of their collections altogether.

"More than a creative choice, it's a sustainable model we believe in and that works for us."