The topic of sustainability is often coupled with the fashion industry. The fashion industry has been on the firing line whenever this issue is raised, and with good reason, however, leading data and analytics company, GlobalData, believes that finding workable solutions and driving real change in sustainability practices involves looking far beyond the sector.

"While changes are being made, many times, companies act in isolation. For the fashion industry to truly drive sustainability, initiatives need to move to a much grander scale," says Hannah Abdulla, Apparel Correspondent at GlobalData.

However, Abdulla adds that "the fashion industry doesn't work in isolation. There are lots of other elements that feed into it."Abdulla believes that we should take note of the global financial system for example. It has the power to redirect the flow of capital so that investment encourages good practices. "Those investors and companies that can capitalise on sustainability and impact-driven innovation will be key to transforming the industry."