Adidas will make all products from recycled plastic by 2024

2024, it is the date when the internationally renowned sportswear brand, Adidas, aims to accomplish the ambitious goal of making all products from recycled plastic.
With over 1 million pairs of shoes made of recycled plastic sold in 2017, Adidas, who forecasts to sell five times the amount in 2018, follows the lead of other fashion labels that try to make a change in this not so environmental friendly industry that is fashion.
This idea originated from the success of their partnership with the environmental organisation, Parley for the Oceans, which contributes to pollution reduction by creating products made of recycled marine plastics.

Considering that approximately eight million metric tons of plastic waste ends up at sea every year and that the sportswear company produces around 450million pairs of shoes annually, it is true that the modest number of 55 million plastic bottles will only make a slight change in the amount of pollution found in our ocean. However, if their goal of producing merely recycled plastic items is hit in 2024, the impact on our ecosystem would be more significant and a pace for other brands to follow would be set.