Annmarie Williams, Whitecliffe

Annmarie Williams is born and raised in South Auckland. Samoan, one of five kids, and an aspiring creative who is trying to find her niche in the fashion industry. 

Williams’ brand name is MOTFAW which is derived from her initials. It came to life back in 2018 when she showcased her menswear brand at the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show. Williams’ has always had a connection with fashion through her childhood. Fashion has given her a sense of independence and freedom to express herself. 

One thing that has stood the test of time for Williams’ since graduating from Whitecliffe, are the skills that she has learnt and continue to learn and grow from. Completing her diploma in Apparel and Fashion Technology was the best foot forward for her in her opinion as it gave her the confidence to follow through in the industry.

Her graduate menswear collection played with bright colours and outerwear looks for Fall.

“I wanted this collection to be fun, wearable and relatable.” 

In general, menswear is something rather ‘simple’. Williams’ aims to highlight more areas within menswear that can be explored.

Alexander McQueen is one of the designers that inspire Williams’ work. 

“His stories were weird, original, frightening, and intimate. I always try to be authentic and honest with my work, and I saw myself in him and how he told his stories.” 

Since Williams’ first year of study she has taken on multiple internship opportunities. Her favourite internship has been hosting the New Zealand Fashion Museum exhibit at Smith and Caughey’s and working for Doris du Pont. 

The biggest challenge for Williams’ within the industry is opening herself up to network with people while trying to find connections that help her get through the door. 

“Every experience is an opportunity, I work hard whether I’m paid or not, and I let my work ethic speak for itself.” 

Williams’ would love to sit down and hash out all the details of properly launching her brand. 

“My gut feeling is telling me to just do it, so watch this space,” she explained. 

Williams’ is currently working on production and garment alterations with a few New Zealand brands. Her goal is to start a new collection and collaborate with a New Zealand brand in the future.

“It’s never too late to start a passion. Just do it and don’t look back. Be kind to others and especially yourself. Studying is hard, but it’s a rich experience when you are in the job,” Williams’ advised.

Photography by big mark & co.