‘Augmented Man’ takes centre stage at Première Vision Paris

For the third year in a row, Fashion Tech will be one of the highlights of the next edition of Première Vision Paris through the annual Wearable Lab platform. As technology permeates the fashion universe, it continues to shake up the codes and practices. Fashion tech aims to present an international selection of materials, products and services that are a source of experiment for the fashion industry.

The guiding thread for Fashion Tech will be ‘Augmented Man.’ Augmented Man looks at how technology in fashion could increase human capability. Some of these experimental items will enhance what humans can naturally perceive, and challenge the idea of “improving” human ability. Examples of these are ‘smart garments,’ which explore the idea of augmented beings, and a virtual reality installation that challenges two participants by putting them into a virtual reality device that shows what the other participant is seeing.

“Innovative and smart clothing is key. It isn’t about being free and relaxed anymore, that’s already a given. Now it’s about being alert and effective. Comfort is always present, which is not tantamount to being fashionable, in fact, it’s often the opposite. But the excitement of sport and that of fashion are merging more than ever, generating uncharted territories,” said Pascal Morand, Executive President of Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, partner of the Wearable Lab.