New Zealand brand Barkers have launched a new cologne as part of its ongoing growth into the lifestyle market. In conjunction with JVK Men Parfums, Rakino Weekend launched in September with a limited release of 100 units available at the Barkers stores.

The cologne draws inspiration from Summer holidays at the bach, surrounded by family, friends and nature, featuring deep marine accords and a pinch of sea grass.

"Rakino Weekend has been hugely successful. It has shown us that our customer is now shopping with us for more than just a fashion experience. It is testament to the brand that we have been able to collaborate with a fragrance expert and this collaboration has opened up many possibilities to create exciting things in the future," said General Manager, Merchandise and Brand, Paul Biddle.

The cologne comes off the back of Barkers 'Baxter of California' success, which established the brand as more than just an apparel provider.

As the company continues to grow, Biddle said Barkers is always looking at new opportunities and the success has proved the customer is hungry for premium, limited edition products.