Black Friday 2014


Black Friday 2014 signaled that retailers are willing to discount earlier and customers are buying sooner in a panic-response.

Here are the figures:

On Black Friday, 37.6% of the US market was discounted, with an average discount of 13% applied.


In contrast, 38.3% of the UK market was discounted, but average discounting was lower, at 10.3%.


The top five US discounters over the holiday were: Zara, Saks Fifth Avenue,Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Shopbop.


The top five UK discounters over the holiday were: House of Fraser, John Lewis, The Corner, Farfetch and Marks & Spencer.


The three most discounted categories on Black Friday were (1) Tops (ASOS the biggest discounter), (2) Accessories (Kohl's the biggest discounter) and (3) Footwear (Nordstrom the biggest discounter).


Accessories had the highest level of reductions – over 70%. Accessories had also the highest number of product sell-outs across the Thanksgiving holiday (28% of sell outs in the US have been accessories). That's followed by tops(20%) and footwear (14%).


Data suggests ASOS have changed their strategy - with 93% fewer product reductions on Black Friday, instead discounting heavily on the 24th. They then returned those products to original price on Black Friday, opting for coupon checkout discounting of 30% Black Friday - Cyber Monday.


UK discounting peaked on Thursday this year and sell outs peaked on Saturday. In 2013, discounts peaked on the Sunday, which was the 1st Dec. This backs up a trend in more UK retailers promoting the sale period.


More UK retailers are marketing their Thanksgiving weekend discounts inline with the US House of Fraser, the UK's biggest holiday discounter, used the term "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" in their email newsletters, where previously they're referred to "Brand Events". This is part of a wider trend we're seeing - global retail calendars are becoming synced as online shopping lifts geographical borders and allows brands to appeal to more consumers.




Source: EDITD




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