Characterised by straight lines and strong shoulders, the box cut is featuring heavily across a range of collections which at times can be somewhat referential to classic mod dresses and ‘80s design. Incorporating various style elements of a boxy design can infuse collections with a much needed modern touch or help draw focus on a single silhouette.


As a whole, the trend revolves around remaining as simple as possible, and clean lines are a sure fire way to ensure simplicity is kept. Typical characteristics include straight hems or crisp finished edges which work together to create a highly-modern finish.


While not necessarily meaning full shoulder pads, keeping strong or exaggerated shoulder top of mind can help when it comes to designing a garment that appears shapeless while still drawing attention to natural features of the customer.


While it is almost a by-product of boxed shaped design, pieces that fall off the body help keep the square silhouette, rather than distorting it with darts to form to the body. The idea is to balance proportions, as off-the-body pieces can often make the customer look bigger.


Almost acting as a solution to the problem of off-the-body clothing making the customer look bigger, cropped box cut tops introduce the natural shape of the body while keeping the integrity of the shape. While it does not need to be an extreme crop to be effective, a slightly higher hemline allows for the bottom garment to draw attention to the customer’s silhouette.


There is a way to balance harsh shoulder lines and remain true to the square vision by taking away some of the sleeve fabric. Much in the same way a cropped top will introduce the shape of a body, an exposed patch on a sleeve will add depth and shape to the design without compromising the silhouette.


One solid hem length applied to both the top and sleeves is a striking element that emphasises the square shape. Much like a square is a 1:1 ratio, the equal lengths have the same visual effect that plays on a customer’s eye for symmetry.


The best way to achieve a box silhouette is to remove the sleeves, which at times can prove detrimental to the desired outcome. This allows for a straight hem, straight neckline, and straight vertical lines to all work together to create the perfect square.