L’Oréal Professionnel announced its partnership with upcoming ethical, organic and local fashion label, Rachel Mills and worked with the designer in creating bespoke hair looks inspired by Mills’ classy and fashion-forward garments. Hair artist, Michael Beel gave a subtle nod to the big hair volume of the early 90s at Rachel Mills’ runway at New Zealand Fashion Week. Celebrating the models’ individuality and hair idiosyncrasies, hair rolls were created on some, while natural texture and curls were embraced on others. Fly-aways and textures were enhanced to keep in line with Rachel Mills’ ethos of reducing our footprint on the earth and a more sustainable approach to fashion.

To create the look, hair was sprayed with Tecni.Art Beach Waves Texturising Salt Spray and scrunched dry to enhance natural hair texture and create organic textures. Random sections of hair were defined with wavy curls and hair was separated from ear to ear and left out at the back, looking soft and beachy. To create big hair rolls, the front section was taken and rolled sideways in a victory roll, then secured with pins. The look was finished with Tecni.Art Crepage de Chignon Mineral Powder Fixing Spray to enhance fly-aways.