Scouted through Instagram earlier this year by Red11, Bryan James Anderson now dreams of working in New York. Anderson says photography has always inspired him and being on the other side of the lens brings on a whole new level of inspiration. He has a love for all forms of fashion not just what he wears from day to day. This lead Anderson to launch his own label eight months ago called 'You're Welcome'. His biggest challenge so far is finding a balance between his music, his new label and being a model, but says for the most part he has had an easy run. The-21 year-old can be found in the latest Remix magazine and even made a cameo in the new season on Funny Girls on TV3.

Growing up Michael Jackson was a huge inspiration on Anderson, but now looks to A$AP ROCKY and Ny Theo who bring music and fashion together. Another influence on him is Brad Pitt. He's not sure why, but somehow Pitt has always held a little bit of a soft spot in his heart. Even though Anderson feels there are a lot more opportunities overseas, he believes that New Zealand's fashion industry is a really good place to start. Stolen Girlfriends Club and Huffer are Anderson's highlights for NZFW this year.