Captain Marvel

Marvel has premiered a brand-new superhero who is ready to take the world into her own hands. Brie Larson played Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel, a feminist icon in the comic book world and now in the cinematic one. In the original comic series, Captain Marvel was highly sexualised, but the hero was given a revamp in 2012 when author Kelly Sue DeConnick gave her a new and much more functional look. This overhaul was the main inspiration for the costumes in the upcoming cinematic release, designed by Andy Park.

Park combined the classic material with modern day features, such as armoured elements and a spacey theme. In an interview Park elaborated upon his reasonings for his adjustments to the original costume. “It was finding that balance of that form-fitting bodysuit that is invoked in the comic books and bringing a military realism and a utilitarian suit into her Captain Marvel look.”

Captain Marvel’s super suit is closely linked to that of Captain America, one of Marvel’s most well-loved action stars. The two costumes have a similar colour pallet, utilising reds and blues, and both sport a star like emblem on their chests. Captain America’s emblem is representative of the American people, and overall acting as a symbol of righteousness. Captain Marvel’s symbol has a similar effect. Captain Marvel is a member of the Starforce, an organisation which brings hope and saviour to intergalactic planets. “In the similar vein of Captain America, the suit is a symbol that gives the Kree people hope and inspires them. They're not just trying to be stealthy and hidden. The suits have silver and a star. They have elements of bling,” added Patrick.