Eily Shaddock, Queensland University of Technology

DIGIDENTITY is the name of Eily Shaddock’s graduate collection, which explores the link between the rise of psychological and behavioural issues among young people and the rise of social media platforms. “My collection aims to hold up a mirror to the current times and reflect a representation of our flawed society,” explained the emerging designer. “DIGIDENTITY highlights incongruent user behaviour both on and offline. It explores the idea of the ‘true’ and ‘false’ self through juxtaposing silhouettes and contrasting textures, paired with highly distorted, custom digital prints and texturally-driven layered fabric manipulations.” Some of the more unique elements of the collection include holographic fabrics, custom pop signage and natural wool covered laser cut mirror acrylics.

“I would want to bring a changed mindset and an alternative way of thinking about clothing and personal style to the industry."

Shaddock is highly influenced by designers like Alexander McQueen and Iris Van Herpen. “I am inspired by the way they can come up with a concept and make such powerful images and bodies of work that evoke raw emotion and showcase high artisanal skill,” she articulated. In terms of the specific themes of this collection, the emerging designer drew inspiration from the world around her, and her generation’s interaction with technology. “I'm really inspired, conceptually, by this social media epidemic we are experiencing and everything it entails. I'm also heavily inspired by pop and satirical art that aims to reflect and comment on current times- a concept that I try to reflect throughout my design work.”

Looking into the future, Shaddock is committed to making her label, BRANDED, stand out among the fast-fashion which is taking over the industry. “We are experiencing a ‘throwaway culture’ where outfits are worn once then thrown away or pieces are purchased because they are worn by influencers, not because the wearer has a connection to the garment,” she maintained. “I would want to bring a changed mindset and alternative way of thinking about clothing and personal style to the industry that I think often gets lost in our consumer-driven world.”