Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

The #LotsOfSocks campaign was formed to raise funds and awareness of Down syndrome in the community. Each year on March 21st people all around the world celebrate World Down Syndrome Day by wearing brightly coloured and mismatched socks.

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that is caused by Trisomy 21 which is when there is an extra copy of the 21st chromosome hence the celebration date of 21/03. The 21st of March was chosen to signify the uniqueness of having three copies of chromosome 21 which causes Down syndrome. Chromosomes under a microscope have often been said to look like pairs of colourful socks hence why socks were chosen.

So be sure to mark your calendar on the 21st of March to put on two of your funkiest socks to raise awareness and to empower people all around the world to advocate for full inclusion in society.

If someone asks you about your socks you can tell them, "I am wearing them to raise awareness of Down syndrome".