As we know, fashion is a series of cycles, but what makes an item classic is when it has an undoubtedly rich history. While relatively new, the choker necklace already has a colourful past having launched onto the market as a symbol of high fashion in the late 19th century, then associated with Ballerinas. From here the choker took a darker path, being linked to prostitution and sometimes lesbianism in the Depression era, along with slavery in the Middle Ages.

Like most trends, the choker fell out of fashion before being revived in the 90s, and now rising again as a popular accessory choice. The choker’s illustrious history brings with it an edgy attitude that ensures the customer is apart from the crowd and continues to fuel the endless popularity. As with most revisited trends, you can see the modern interpretation of the choker fabricated in various different materials.

Leather, lace, gold, silver, ribbon and jewels are all on the cards as designers look to make their design stand out amongst a style that can so easily become very same-same. Local designers Cathy Pope and Louise Thomson have both put on the market their own take on the choker necklace, while high-end labels including Balenciaga and Oscar de la Renta have put on the market various luxury options.