Like with most holidays, retail sales spike over Valentine’s Day with men and women flocking to the store in order to get their loved one something special. Its influence is undeniable, Valentine's Day penetrates every corner of the consumer market and leaves its little pink stamp across every product and service imaginable. Statistics show 62 percent of Canadian and American consumers will purchase Valentine’s Day related gifts and products, specifically within the categories of chocolate, flowers, jewellery and lingerie.

While lingerie is a dead give-in for a Valentine’s Day treat, it’s the world of accessories that is treated to the most influence. Of the $18.9 billion spent in 2015, $50 million was spent on Jewelry, coming second only to $52.2million spent on flowers.

Hearts, lips, pink and red saturate the accessory market ranging from eyewear right through to dog costumes, all brought on by one day of celebrations.

House of Holland have lip shaped sunglasses, while Lonely Hearts have its own Kissing Tee.

“For brands that aren’t household names, it’s a great chance to interact with consumers. At this happy time of year, people are more open to trying new things,” said Trevor Clough, founder, Digby Fine English.

Sunglasses Hut went as far as to dedicate an entire campaign to the day, featuring British model and daughter of rock-star Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger in its Shades of You advertisements.

Internationally Valentine’s influence can be seen on the Suzywan Heart Choker, or the ASOS heart printed briefs, not to mention the influx of red in every day garments. Gimmic items make their way onto the scene as well, ranging from the Paperchase Valentines Sequen Lips Hot Water Bottle cover through to a giant lip shaped iPhone cover.

For consumers and retailers alike, Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to break away from the mould, discovering new brands or products otherwise ignored or unknown.