Corporate Luxury Partnership

Two of the biggest names in corporate luxury apparel are teaming up for a venture that is sure to re-define designer uniforms. Australians custom, tailored menswear company InStitchu is collaborating with the Brisbane company Corporate Womenswear Label 400 Co. in order to produce a new line of luxury uniforms.

Both Australian brands have been bringing luxury corporate wear to businesses around the country since 2012. But in collaboration, the two will be able to dramatically extend their reach and appeal to a broader range of clients.

The partnership has been detailed to provide a tailored experience for each client, whereby businesses can ensure on-brand uniforms which represent their unique corporations are designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Customizable content includes monogramming, fabric choices and lining accessories, as well as an array of others, all ensuring individuality and functionality for their clients.

The coming together of these two brands marks a new chapter for luxury corporate wear, as exceptional quality meets personal style, and are tied together with affordable pricing.