Dariah Anderson, AUT

Dariah Anderson has always been an avid op shopper and has worked in second-hand clothing stores for most of her adult life. She loves fashion design and have had some incredible support from others during her time at AUT. Her family has always encouraged creativity, she began experimenting with fashion since a young age.

Through her fashion course at AUT, Anderson has learnt the ability to take constructive criticism as well as not being afraid to make mistakes. 

Her graduate collection, Discarded, was influenced heavily by the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. With ‘no off shore production and imports’ into New Zealand being prominent during the peak of COVID-19, it made Anderson look at what we readily had available here in New Zealand, and how this lifestyle worked in the past.

This brought her to investigate more recyclable options in the fashion industry out of necessity, specifically at what could be done with pre-used woollen blankets and experimenting with iconic Kiwi brands such as Swanndri. 

“I wanted to stick to natural fabrics, and wool was the obvious choice due to its association and history with New Zealand. I find wool interesting to work with and enjoy the shapes and drapes it can create,” explained Anderson. 

Although aesthetically very different to Anderson’s work, the late Alexander McQueen has always been one of her favourite designers - specifically, his Fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection. Recently, Anderson has been inspired by Martin Margiela and Ryohei Kawanishi. 

Anderson is looking to gain more experience within the fashion industry and hoping to continue with her own personal design work in the future.