Finally, a pair of pants that achieve style without compromising on comfort.

Freddy, an Italian brand that originated in Milan over 43 years ago, has arrived on New Zealand shores ready to give your booty a boost while offering extreme comfort thanks to their innovative design.

Freddy’s patented revolutionary WR.UP pants have become a game-changer for women. The technology behind WR.UP pants are the secret to their success, with over six million pairs sold globally, they compliment the female figure and offer extreme comfort thanks to their unique shaping effect. The combination of strategic stitching, stretchy fabrics, ultra-light silicone, and an iconic patented butt design means that your booty is getting a lift, regardless of whether you’re petite, pear, hourglass, apple-shaped, tall or rectangular.

Freddy pants are unique in every way. They solve the age-old problem of jeans getting loose and baggy with wear and constantly having to yank them up. Freddy’s WR.UP line features a thin silicone panel inside the waistband that prevents your pants from moving or lowering so you can move freely and bend over without the fear of your pants slipping.

While traditional denim only stretches in one direction, Freddy denim is made from a unique cotton jersey that stretches in both directions making them extremely comfortable, form-fitting and flattering. Freddy merges the gap between looking good in skinny jeans and feeling luxuriously comfortable.

Freddy’s innovation doesn’t stop at their WR.UP and denim range. They recently introduced a revolutionary fabric named D.I.W.O PRO to their collection. D.I.W.O PRO is a smart yarn that features bioactive minerals woven into the fabric which amazingly reduces the appearance of cellulite with wear. With both the fabric and garment production being made in Italy, the D.I.W.O PRO range is fast becoming one of their best-sellers and it’s not hard to see why. This fabric not only beautifies the skin by increasing skin firmness and smoothness but is also very breathable and extremely comfortable to wear.

All Freddy pants, including their D.I.W.O PRO range, feature their famous WR.UP shaping effect technology. They have redefined denim as we know it and offer levels of comfort that once tried will keep your customers wondering how they ever wore any other jeans.

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