Cashmere Scarves Treated with ViralOff for a Post-Covid World

Indian brand EZMA are specialists in creating cashmere products from scarves, shawls and capes, to carpets and blankets.

EZMA has now partnered with Polygiene and will now offer ViralOff treated cashmere products. Polygiene supplies treatments for different materials to make sure garments, footwear and textiles stay fresh and last longer. ViralOff is a treatment offered by Polygiene that will treat textiles and other products to reduce viruses by 99 percent in two hours.

This treatment is especially important now, in the COVID-19 climate. There is an enormous need for treatment with antiviral properties. ViralOff is the answer to an acute situation, but it will also be a longterm solution that enhances hygiene and protection for the customer.

What is ViralOff made of? It has an active ingredient called biocide, and it is made of a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride and the product is not nano-silver. This information is provided on hangtags for partners like EZMA, so they can understand the process as well as for the end customer.

"A strategic alliance with Polygiene and specifically the ViralOff treatment, a proven name in its own field, allows EZMA to offer its patrons a sense of confidence and security in using the EZMA Fine Cashmere products, especially in the context of this post-COVID world," said Sameer Mehra, Managing Director of EZMA.

“It makes a lot of sense to go with Viraloff in products like scarves as they are so close to your face – but beyond the antiviral properties we should also remember they need less washing and therefore these beautiful cashmere fabrics will last longer. We expect to expand in other ranges going forward," said Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene.