Fashion Community Week’s New Era Virtual Fashion Week was a Success

This year the global market was faced with a new reality due to the pandemic, but the fashion industry thrived and took virtual fashion shows to the next level.

The award-winning Fashion Community Week featured its first-ever virtual fashion week from September 24th - 27th.

The first day commenced with a Worldwide Fashion Tech Conference, focusing on the conversation on the future of fashion. Featuring founders of five international tech companies: Intelistyle, Easysize, Save your Wardrobe, 3DLook, and Else Corp.

The second day features the California Dreaming runway show, inspired by the ambience of California presenting local fashion designers. Filled with ready-to-wear collections by five distinctive brands: Shass Atelier, Julour, Moore Custom Goods, DLK, and Italia A Collection.

The third day showcased an International Couture show presenting a collection by six international couturiers: IB Bayo, Kiara Afrik, Nubi Collections, Carlitas Rana Samaan and Elite Pour La Vie.

The final day highlighted the Shop the Runway event, offering the opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to shop 'hot off the runway'. Buyers were able to scan QR codes listed next to each runway look, which then lead to 3D electronic models wearing the designs with the capability to zoom, rotate and view details easily.

Fashion Community Week's New Era Virtual Fashion Week was a huge success, offering opportunities for local and global emerging designers and supported their work through a very unstable time for all industries at the moment.

This virtual event allowed people to come together from all ends of the world to bond, interact and create meaningful connections with one another.