Virus Zapping Zippers?

Consumers and brands are continually seeking new ways to protect each other from viruses - especially in the current climate.

YKK and Polygiene recognise that the concern of viruses can occur even at the shopping stage for many consumers. Retailers in Italy, for example, are required to disinfect garments before they are sold to consumers.

YKK has developed a line of zippers with tape treated with Polygiene's ViralOff technology. Therefore, the zippers in garments will have essentially self-cleaning abilities, allowing consumers to feel comfortable when shopping during this time.

YKK focuses on the small details that a zipper can offer. The chemical components are eco-sustainable, and ViralOff encourages a reduction in the frequency of washing garments using washing machines and such. This means the life cycle of the zipper is prolonged along with reducing the consumption of energy, water and chemical additives.

"It may be a small detail, but an important one. While we never make any claims beyond protecting the product itself, it goes without saying that a reduction of viruses on such often touched parts, like a zipper, is a good thing," said Haymo Strubel, Commercial Director at Polygiene.