Fashionable Umbrellas

It is not uncommon for a functional object to fall into the gaze of the fashion industry. Bags, shoes, stationery, wallets. In fact, fashion is rooted in taking dull utilitarian objects and transforming them into coveted pieces of art that function as a symbol of self identity. Umbrellas are no exception. While still fundamentally utilitarian in nature, the new wave of styled umbrellas take into consideration the impact a colourful print or decorative applique can have to a customer's outfit. However, don’t think fashion is reserved just for bold prints, out of the ordinary handles like the skull on the Alexander McQueen umbrella’s brings a fashionable touch to customers who want to keep it subtle. Otherwise there are dedicated labels like London Undercover who produce stylish and functional umbrellas for lovers of fashion. New Zealand also has its selection of brands including Dolly’s Brollys and Annah Stretton who both produce stylised umbrella products.