Corey Penney was playing with the idea of starting the company back in 2015 and after a trip to Sydney he was convinced. “I was helping a few friends find their feet in the e-commerce world and found myself with the insatiable itch to jump on the online bandwagon,” Penney explained. It was clear to Penney that the online world was heavily influenced by a love for fast-fashion and businesses that were succeeding were serving the “now” generation. “I started Foxleigh Watches based on the premise of serving people a great product at a great price point with a big focus on customers being able to order their watch and have it the next day,” he said.

Watches have always been a passion of Penney’s. He saw a gap in the market for a New Zealand designed, affordable line of timepieces and jumped at the opportunity. At its core, Foxleigh is a leather goods company and are excited to be expanding their range of quality leather pieces this summer. “When you buy a watch you are joining the Foxleigh Family,” he said. They developed their current line of eight watches to be the staple pieces of the brand, while building a culture around the style itself. Their new line of watches build on this momentum and is due to launch pre-Christmas.

Penney grew up in New Zealand and has always been influenced by its multicultural down to earth people and their relaxed way of life. Torn between Auckland and Wellington, Penney completed his first degree at Auckland University and then moved to Wellington to finish his second degree at Massey. Penney has no formal training in fashion, but has grown up surrounded by fashion and found the design side came naturally. There are five people in the Foxleigh team and at the moment are stocked in eight stores across New Zealand and Australia.

Penney is now planning further expansion into the international market for the new year. “Currently our business is split between Australia and New Zealand, but I see huge untapped potential in the larger US and European markets,” Penney explained. They are also looking into partnering with like-minded e-commerce retailers who are interested in setting up international distribution from the major centres.