Giorgio Armani on the Current Fashion System

In an open letter to Women's Wear Daily, Armani speaks on his frustration of the meaningless fashion system that we have turned to today.

Armani states that his Summer collection will be on sale for an extended period of time - through to September. This is not only because of the sudden slow down of the world due to COVID-19, but his decision is a direct call out the 'fast-fashion' world in which even luxury designer brands are falling under more and more.

With the mass production of clothing season after season, we see unrelated items in stores. For example, short summer dresses when it is cold out and large wool jackets in the peak of Summer. Thus, by producing his Summer line, and having it out in the right season for an extended period of time (in which the weather is still appropriate), helps eliminate the overproduction of clothes that seem to serve no real purpose.

Giorgio Armani pleas that the fashion industry to work in a "human scale" with a strong emphasis on authenticity in every process that they are apart of.