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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: A model walks the runway for Kim Tiziana Rottmuller at the Global Fashion Collective 1 Show during New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 on September 8, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Global Fashion Collective )

Global Fashion Collective (GFC) is an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week, but has events around the world. The platform was created to support emerging international designers by showcasing them in fashion capitals – in front of international media and buyers from across the globe. GFC hopes that through this they can help grow these budding designers into fashion icons, and fuel diversity within the industry.

At last week’s New York Fashion Week GFC produced two collective group runway shows for SS19 looks, each putting together complementary developing designers for two very different but equally eye-catching shows. See the second one here.

These designers were selected for their vibrant eccentricity, with found objects and playful constructions taking centre stage.

Canadian designer LillzKillz (Lillea Goian) showed a unisex collection, Eat My Shorts, which combines nostalgic childhood imagery with modern aesthetics. Transparent vinyl pockets, video game prints, and refurbished seat leather are used in garments to add a throwback-cum-apocalyptic feel to athleisure looks. A stand-out piece from the collection is a teal fabric and tan leather two-piece, accented by white platforms and body straps. The look is completed with a car seat headrest.

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NOT DEAD YET by Canadian designer Adam Lin-Bungag is high-fashion grunge, with an overt theme: Eulogy. Lin-Bungag won the 2018 Nancy Mak Award, which he didn’t get by being subtle. In this collection, sneakers read ‘SHAME’ and coloured plaid is wrapped tightly around limbs, accenting the crinkled whites and slick blacks of the clothing. Eulogy – written on several of the shirts – encourages wearers to acknowledge the past and learn from it. A highlight of this collection is a transparent PVC overcoat, worn over a red plaid jacket and accented with red Doc Martens and neck chains.

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Japanese designer Nozomi Kuwahara offered something a little softer with her VaCaTioN in Hawaii collection. Although she uses vivid colours, her soft textured fabrics lend a more feminine feel to the collection. There is a sense of order with models walking the runway in pairs, with complementing outfits: matching colours or cuts to demonstrate her variety even within such constraints. Kuwahara also experiments with SPF50+ fabrics, coming at the summer collection from a practical angle. Accessories derived from beach toys and swimming goggles complete the look.

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Oblivion is German designer Kim Tiziana Rottmüller’s collection inspired by the seductive witch. Lilac is used to contrast with the symbolic black, instead of traditional white. Lilac is a colour not of spirits, but spirituality – and Rottmüller uses it to bring a transcendental light to the otherwise heavy collection. Volume is something she enjoys playing with, and experiments reveal themselves in oversized hoods and surprising layers of ruffles. One garment of note is an oversized soft pink jumper, knitted with tarot cards between the rows.

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Runway Photographer - Brandon James / Fashion Nomads

Instagram - @Brandonjamesmc / @Fashion.Nomads

Backstage Photographer - Nick Merzetti / Fashion Nomads

Instagram - @Merzetti / @Fashion.Nomads