Pokémon Go has launched in New Zealand, Australia and the US, and people have flocked to the streets to catch what would seem is an infestation of wild creatures. While Pokemon trainers have flooded to parks and other public places, retail businesses and private property have also been subject to the boom in wild Pokemon, with users entering stores specifically because of the game.

Using a combination of a secret algorithm and Google maps, the game's developers Niantic Labs have placed "PokéStops" at different landmarks and important locations, which could provide increased foot traffic for businesses who are either close to or are a PokéStop themselves.

While the PokéStops themselves are a dime a dozen, the inclusion of a "lure" module could prove to be a great tool to entice players into a shop.

The lure is placed on a PokéStop and increases the rate in which Pokemon appear. The bonus, however, is nearby trainers, and even those willing to travel, inevitably flock to the PokéStop to benefit from the increased PokéStop presence.

This has businesses asking the question, "How do I become a PokéStop?". While for the time being PokéStops are all pre-determined and built at the sole discretion of Niantcc Labs, it does provide a strong revenue stream for the game, which has the possibility to sell these PokéStop locations to businesses willing to buy in.