How LinkedIn hashtags could revolutionise your business

Hashtags are not exclusive to recreational, social media. They can be a powerful tool for industry professionals looking to reach a wider audience with their content.

Hashtags first appeared on the LinkedIn platform in 2016 and can now be used as a part of both the sites desktop and mobile platforms. The feature works as a method of categorising users’ content, which will make stories more accessible to other users, including those not previously connected. Hashtags on LinkedIn can be used for content as well as profiles and company pages, making companies more accessible from a variety of sources.

Hashtagging is very much an art form and being able to use the function effectively is the key to its success. Using pre-existing, relevant and socially dominating hashtags is the best way to utilise the tool, as it will connect you and your content to other users, rather than leaving you on an island.

Some final advice for utilising hashtags on LinkedIn:

Use a select number of hashtags, which are most relevant to your content. This ensures that your content appears precise and professional rather than spam like.

Capitalising the start of each word in your hashtags makes the phrase easier to decipher.

Avoid abbreviations. LinkedIn is not the same a Twitter or Instagram, so avoiding abbreviations is crucial to appearing professional as well as making your content more reachable.