IKEA to set up shop in New Zealand

Another retail giant is making it's way to New Zealand, this time in the home furniture division.
IKEA has announced that they will be arriving on Kiwi shores in the upcoming years. This will include retail outlets and an online sector, bringing their products to consumers around the country. The stores and e-commerce offering will present a selection of over 7000 products.

The store's location is yet to be revealed, but it has been confirmed that it will be somewhere in the Auckland region. In addition, a pop-up store will be launched prior to the official store reveal, testing the waters and introducing kiwis to the renown international brand.

A statement has been released by the CEO of Ingka Grou, Kesper Brodin, celebrating the announced arrival of their company. “We’re really looking forward to bringing the full IKEA experience to New Zealand, working in partnership with the local community to make Ikea a part of Kiwis’ life at home, starting with Auckland.”

With another international giant setting up shop in New Zealand, smaller local brands can expect significant disruptions to their trades. The future is murky for homegrown kiwi businesses.