Introducing Swapology; New Zealand’s First Clothes Swapping Platform

Swapology operates on a simple concept - a place where you can swap clothes you don't wear anymore with 'new-to-you' clothes from others.

The Swapology Movement

Like many of us, founder of Swapology, Alice Wills Johnson, loves clothes. After having her second baby in 2018, she found herself turning to online shopping for 1) convenience and 2) because she didn't fit her pre-birth pieces anymore.

Johnson soon realised that her wardrobe was getting fuller and fuller, and deep down, she knew it wasn't helping her wallet nor the planet - and that's when Swapology was born.

A simple, convenient and sustainable way for people to refresh their wardrobes while being part of a movement for change. Swapology is New Zealand's first online clothes swapping platform. The process makes it easy for quality used clothes to be loved by someone else while people can access “new to you” clothing any time. Unwanted clothes get an extra life and people can shop/swap without contributing to negative environmental impacts. It’s a win-win.

To truly consume fashion sustainably, we need to transform our relationship with our wardrobes. Choosing used clothing over new is a great start.