Are We Washing Our Clothes More Due to COVID-19?

row of washing machines

Whether or not the evidence is there that COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for weeks on end, it's never a bad idea to take precautions.

A survey by Polygiene shoes that three out of four people say they wash their clothes more now due to the concerns of viruses, and one out of three wash 'significantly' more. And, with American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommending the public to not shake their clothes prior to washing, we're all a bit more cautious of our hygiene practices, now more than ever.

Washing clothes takes time and effort - and ultimately, it puts a huge strain on our environment.

To solve this dilemma, Polygiene offers one tool for consumers to wash only when needed. Polygiene's ViralOff treatment is a finish on textiles that reduces viruses by over 99 percent in two hours. ViralOff has an active ingredient called biocide, and it is made of a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride and the product is not nano-silver.