Jurlique partners with Adyen to drive international growth

Easy and efficient payment options are incredibly important for growing businesses. The well-renowned Australian skincare brand, Jurlique, has recognised this importance and has announced its partnership with the global payment platform, Ayden.

This partnership will help propel global expansion where all online payments are processed through the Adyen platform. This platform offers consistency and a seamless payment experience for Jurlique customers.

"Ayden's payments solution will allow Jurlique to create a consistent online customer payment experience across one platform for the business globally, while providing us with access to richer data insights to enhance our customers' e-commerce retail experiences" says Alexa Anastassi, Global Digital Product Manager at Jurlique International.

The consolidation of payment options through one platform allows for improved data insight in terms of preferred payment methods as well as shopping habits. Partnering with Ayden is the most recent step that Jurlique has done as part of their digital transformation for the brand, which began in 2015.

“We know you get greater customer retention and loyalty and an increase in average order value by giving customers the payment option that they’re most comfortable with. Offering popular international payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay across all e-commerce stores lets our customers know we’re putting them and their payment preferences front and centre. The Adyen platform lets us achieve this faster.”

For almost 35 years, Jurlique has been harvesting botanicals from their farm in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Being extremely passionate about excluding ingredients that may be harmful to our skin and our environment is vital to their success. We're excited to see the brand grow even further innovatively and digitally.