Last minute Christmas shoppers are trading dashing in crowded stores to shopping online. Mastercard's annual research showed more than a thousand New Zealanders have revealed that 55 percent of shoppers are physically in store while 22 percent are on local e-retailers and 10 percent on international e-retailers. It also showed that more packages will be delivered on the doorsteps of kiwi men than women. As 35 percent of men are more likely to do their shopping online compared to 29 percent of women.

"Online shopping is trusted by Kiwis throughout the year for making all sorts of purchases, and Christmas is no exception. The increasing use of online shopping in the run-up to Christmas reflects Kiwis comfort levels with completing transactions online throughout the year," explained Peter Chisnall, Country Manager for Mastercard New Zealand and Pacific Islands. "The fact that local online retailers can ship things quickly means Kiwis are increasingly taking advantage of the wide range of online stores."

He added that international online retailers can provide a depth and breadth of gift options, but when it comes to being able to grab last-minute Christmas presents, nothing beats the convenience of local.

Mastercard's research also proved that two thirds of kiwis research their purchases online before buying. 40 percent will buy online and 25 percent in-store depending on where the best price is.

Top five gifts purchased in-store:
1.Food, wine, spirits (84%)
2.Homewares (77%)
3.Sports & outdoor equipment (71%)
4.Technology; electronics (63%)
5.Make-up & fragrances (61%)

Top five gifts purchased on New Zealand-based online sites:
1.    Vouchers (38%)
2.    Toys & games (30%)
3.    Books, TV/movies or music (any format) (29%)
4.    Technology & electronics (25%)
5.    Make-up & fragrances (22%)

Top five gifts purchased on overseas online sites:
1.    Books, TV/movies or music (any format) (26%)
2.    Make-up & fragrances (16%)
3.    Toys & Games (14%)
4.    Technology (12%)
5.    Sports & outdoor equipment (10%)