‘Loco for Local’ Sneaker Designing Course

Footwearology LAB in Barcelona is getting ready to open, featuring some remarkable technology with brand new Matsuya knitting machines and a 3D printfarm with Artillery Sidewinder X2 printers.

Footwearology LAB's aim is to develop unique design and manufacturing systems so that footwear can be designed digitally and made locally, in an automated process using only a few machines.

The products made as a result should be reused, refurbished and resold before they can finally be fully recycled.

This summer, the best and the brightest of sneaker design and technology is coming to their recent Footwearology Lab to help change the future of how we create and design modern sneakers.

Their course is named "Loco for Local" and is designed for people who don't only want to talk the talk of sustainability, but also want to walk the walk.

The biggest change they are focusing on is ending waste and overproduction by making the shoe on-demand and locally. Next, they use natural materials or recycled materials wherever possible, making sure they create constructions that allow the materials to be retrieved and reused, ideally without a drastic downgrade.

The course is ideal for sneaker startups or for sneaker innovation projects of existing companies. The course will feature many visionary thinkers Carol McDonald, Luis Bugin and many other experts that will also teach at the online Footwearology academy, like Lorenzo Masini and René Medel.

"Loco for Local" is a combination of weekly online classes to help students develop their concepts, followed by two weeks of actually constructing their concepts in the Footwearology LAB in Barcelona and testing them in the pop-up store.