Sports Footwear Set to Grow By 50%

The current sports footwear trend is continuously developing and is set to will expand by 50% in the next decade.

The Athletic Footwear Market Research, conducted by Allied Market Research found that in 2020, the sneaker industry acquired 109,700 million dollars (about 96,500 million euros).

The industry is expected to reach 165,000 million dollars (145,200 million euros) by 2030, which reflects a growth of 50.4%.

Market research predicts that the demand for sneakers will increase until 2030, mainly because of the growth of the practice of sport in everyday life. The running sneaker is the specific shoe that is expected to have the greatest demand.

The growth of the sports footwear market can also be attributed to it as it has recently been democratised of its use in a more formal context.

However, looking into the future, the growth may be stunted due to the future expected higher costs of raw materials and transports prices.