Lucy Kemp of Pardon My French

Pardon my F

Pardon my French

Pardon My French designer Lucy Kemp creates wearable womenswear garments with a timeless quality. She’s not a fan of fuss. This aesthetic is something she has stuck to since her first collection of Winter 2011.  Three years into Pardon My French’s charming and classic collections, Lucy thinks her career highlight is yet to come at NZ Fashion Week. To see her vision shared at a runway show will be a well earned reward for Lucy. Pardon My French has evolved organically since Lucy’s time studying at Wanganui UCOL then working for Karen Walker, Hailwood and more.  With a hint of an English accent Lucy gives away where she grew up and tells us from her hometown of Napier how inspiration comes to her from different cultural sources. Her favourite thing in fashion is the Bretton stripe, you can never have too many, and her least favourite fashion trend? Neon. It’s just a no.

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