M.A.C Celebrates National Lipstick Day

This year, M.A.C is celebrating National Lipstick Day by giving away free lipsticks with every $35 purchase in-store and online. As one day of celebrations is not enough, this campaign will run between the 29th of July through to the 2nd of August.

In 2019, M.A.C customers purchased more than 60 million lipsticks from M.A.C around the world - that's more than two lipsticks per second.

"National Lipstick Day is not just one day when we celebrate a cosmetic product; it's a continued celebration of the people wearing it," said M.A.C Senior Artist Tom Sapin.

"Lipstick is the expression of human diversity. Lipstick for the shy, the bold, the loudspeaker, the hard worker, the festive, the quiet, the woman, the man - everyone!"

Choose between Brave, Hugh Me and Marrakesh as your pick for your free lipstick.