Macy’s invests in mobile

Fashion brands and retailers alike are investing in developing the most efficient and engaging mobile apps to give customers a one of a kind e-retail experience.

American department store Macy’s is the latest brand to begin heavily investing in their online offerings. Their mobile app is the company’s primary target for improvement in the coming year, capitalising on the enormous popularity it has bought them in the year prior.

“We had another quarter of double-digit growth in our digital business, and mobile continues to be our fastest-growing channel,” shared CEO Jeff Gennette. “We are focused on our mobile-first strategy because we know our customers use our apps to shop.”

Gennette’s confident statement is supported by a substantial growth period for the company, as they surpassed US$1 billion in app sales last year.

Consumers are clearly engaging with online shopping options, which provide convenience as well as unique interactive and personalised experiences, and Macy’s has demonstrated that investing in the trend can provide tremendous payoff.