Material Matters: Celebrating A Single Natural Fibre

Introducing Material Matters, Kowtow’s innovational and educational collection. Material Matters is a double entendre. It makes reference to the concerning industry matters surrounding material production, as well as an emphasis on education surrounding material innovation. 

Across Kowtow's 15-year learning journey the brand has worked with several materials, but the most regenerative and forgiving is cotton. Material Matters is the culmination of knowledge-gathering and celebrating cotton as the core of Kowtow’s designs. Pulling from the women of Bauhaus, Material Matters is Kowtow’s interpretation of studying nature to inform design. 

The moving media and imagery has been inspired by Wes Anderson’s recognisable depiction of storytelling. The creative cues are a solemn reference to Kowtow’s efforts to explore all avenues of material innovation, eventually arriving at the final destination of cotton. 

Kowtow is encouraging us to look deeper into the materials we wear everyday. It is time to educate, prepare and inspire everyone to recognise that we are students of nature - by using a single, natural fibre, Kowtow’s steps have been gentle and taken strides toward achieving the brand's goal of a better planet.